Gel polish manicure set

Thanks to our extensive manicure sets, you never have to go to the nail salon to get a perfect manicure. Take care of your nails yourself in your private salon at home with the manicure sets from Yinger and paint them directly with a self-selected color gel polish. A manicure is the perfect way to relax, takecareof yourself and make your nails even more beautiful than they already are. By using gel polish you can be sure that you can enjoy your manicured hands for an extra long time, because our polish will last for more than 14 days.

Professional starter set

Salon premium set

Includes 11 accessories; primer, base & top coat + more.
Including high-quality LED curing lamp, salon quality.
Including luxury storage box
5 or 7 gel polishes of your choice.
Includes 5 colors
€ 199.95
€ 124.95
Includes 7 colors
€ 224.95
€ 139.95

Pocket-sized salon

On the go set

Including 11 accessories; primer, base & top coat and more.
Includes compact LED curing light, perfect for on the go.
1 or 4 gel polishes of your choice.
Includes 1 color
€ 129.95
€ 69.95
Includes 4 colors
€ 169.95
€ 89.95


The big difference between the gel polish sets are the curing lamps. The larger LED curing lamps are often seen in professional nail studios where the compact LED curing lamp is perfect for on the go. Under the large lamp there is room for a whole hand or foot, with the compact lamp there is room for four fingers.

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The gel polish manicure sets from Yinger

Our professional gel polish starter sets both contain a complete manicure set to take care of your hands to perfection before you paint your nails with gel polish. In both the Salon Premium Set and the On The Go Set you will find:

  • Wonder Wood Sticks, our wooden cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles;
  • A Frisky File, our nail file with a coarse and a soft side;
  • A No Bluff Buffer Block, our buffer block with which you roughen and polish your nail plate;
  • Fresh Start Prep & Clean, our specially developed nail cleaner to clean your nails;
  • Punchy Pads, our cotton pads for applying the nail cleaner;
  • Smooth Operator Cuticle Oil, our high-quality cuticle oil to pamper your cuticles.

In addition, both manicure sets naturally also contain a salon quality gel polish lamp, the gel polish itself, the right primer, base coat and top coat, gel polish remover and gel polish remover wraps. Whether you just want to pamper your nails or go for a complete gel polish manicure in your home salon: with our professional gel polish manicure sets you can always leave the house with fully groomed hands.

How do you give yourself a manicure?

You can make a manicure on yourself as elaborate as you want. Do you want to completely pamper your nails and hands, without applying gel polish? Then follow these steps:

  1. First, remove any leftover nail polish. How do you do that? We explain that in our article about gel polish removal.
  2. File your nails into the desired shape. Are you going for round, square, pointed or something artistic?The choice is yours!
  3. Polish your nails with the buffer block. This way you carefully sand away irregularities.
  4. Dip your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water to soften your cuticles and the skin on your nails. A drop of hand soap helps to loosen the dirt.
  5. Push back your soft cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Be careful! Your skin is very sensitive. With the cuticle pusher you also scrape off any skin from your nail.
  6. Hydrate your hands with a nice scented hand cream. If you give yourself a hand massage, the lotion will absorb well. Don't forget to rub your cuticles and nails with the cream!
  7. Give your cuticles that little bit of extra love by applying and rubbing in some cuticle oil.
  8. Enjoy your manicured hands!

Prep your nails for gel polish with a manicure

Are you treating yourself to a manicure because you want to optimally prepare your nails for the gel polish? Very smart! This way you can not only enjoy a beautiful color for more than 14 days, but also well-groomed nails. Moreover, with a manicure you ensure that the gel polish can adhere optimally to your nails and that outgrowth is only visible as late as possible.

You cannot exactly follow the steps above if you want to apply gel polish after your manicure. In that case, you have to wait a while with the cuticle oil until the gel polish has been applied to your nails. Read our instruction on applying gel polish for a detailed step-by-step plan.

Buy gel polish manicure sets from Yinger

Yinger Cosmetics is the specialist in the field of gel polish at home. Our manicure sets are therefore the best way to prepare your fingers and nails for a new color of gel polish. It would be a shame if you painted your nails nicely, but your hands look unkempt, right? That's why a manicure on yourself is a good idea. This way you extend the pleasure moment of painting your nails in a useful way. If you first provide your hands and nails with good care, you can be sure that the gel polish comes into its own - for more than 14 days! Are you going for a bright color or would you prefer a subtle polish? With Yinger gel polish you can go in all directions to decorate your freshly manicured nails. Take thatself-caremoment and treat yourself!

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