Gellak lamp

Complete your private nail salon with a special gel polish lamp. Our nail dryers cure the gel polish quickly and neatly. Ready in no time with your manicure, which also stays tight for another 14 days? That is what we call a real moment of happiness. Enjoy making your nails beautiful, no risk of nail polish that is everywhere except on your nails after fifteen minutes. Our UV / LED gel polish lamps dry the gel polish in no time, andoff you go!

Professional starter set

Salon premium set

Including 11 accessories; primer, base & top coat + more.
Including high-quality UV / LED curing lamp, salon quality.
Includes luxury storage box.
5 or 7 gel polishes of your choice.
Includes 5 colors
€ 199.95
€ 124.95
Including 7 colors
€ 224.95
€ 139.95
Pocket-sized salon

On the go set

Including 11 accessories; primer, base & top coat and more.
Includes compact LED curing light, perfect for on the go.
1 or 4 gel polishes of your choice.
Includes 1 color
€ 129.95
€ 62.95
Includes 4 colors
€ 169.95
€ 84.95


The big difference between thegel polish setsare the curinglamps. The larger LED curing lights (Lavish Bird) are often seen in professional nail studios where the compact LED curing light (On The Fly) is perfect for on the go. Under the large lamp there is room for a whole hand or foot, with the compact lamp there is room for four fingers.

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Gellak UV / LED lamp

  • High quality UV / LED curing lamp.
  • Suitable for all types of gel polish.
  • Big enough for five fingers or toes.
  • Extensive extras, such as adjustable timer and automatic start.
  • 26 Watt.

Buy now for € 69.95

Also available in the Salon Premium Set

Gellak LED lamp

  • High-quality LED curing lamp.
  • Room for four fingers.
  • Includes a 60 second timer.
  • 7 Watt.

Buy now for € 39.95

Also available in the On The Go Set

Buy gel polish lamps at Yinger

It is our mission to let you enjoy a luxurious pampering moment, right at home on your own couch. All our gel polish products are of high quality and are not inferior to the polishes and accessories that you see in the nail salon. Our professional gel polish lamps are also of the same quality and just as powerful as the nail drying lamps in salons. With our gel polish lamps you never have to go to the salon again, because you simply bring the salon to your own living room.

The difference between LED and UV lamps for gel polish

In terms of operation, there is actually not much difference between an LED lamp and a UV lamp for gel polish. They both dry the gel polish well by means of UV light. An LED lamp does that a little faster. But the power of the lamp makes a bigger difference: the higher the power, the faster the paint will dry. And the sooner you can continue with the next layer or the rest of your day!

Not all gels are suitable for drying with an LED lamp. 'UV gels' can only be cured with the UV lamp. Don't panic: allYinger gel polishescan be cured with our On The Fly LED lamp. So you never have to worry about wet nails in your personal salon. Complete your salon with agel polish manicure setfrom Yinger.

How does a gel polish lamp work?

UV gel polish lamps and LED gel polish lamps work in the same way, namely with UV light. Yes: LED lamps also emit UV light. Although LED lamps have a smaller range of UV wavelengths, they do emit a higher concentration of UV light. That is why your gel polish dries faster under a LED lamp than under a UV lamp. But how does that work? Gellak contains a substance that is activated by UV light. If you expose your nails to UV light afterapplying the gel polish, the dust starts with a chemical reaction, causing your paint to dry very quickly. That is why it is wise to keep your gel polishes in the dark and not to paint your nails outside in the sun. Then the gel polish can become a bit viscous. After all, daylight also contains UV light. Fortunately, the Salon Premium Set comes with a nice storage box. Fancy and functional!

Which gel polish lamp should I choose?

Not sure which of our gel polish lamps to choose? The biggest difference in our two lamps is in the size and the power. Do you often paint your nails on the go, or do you want to be sure of beautiful gel polish on vacation? Then the compactOn The Fly LED lamp issuitable for you. This handy lamp fits easily in your bag and can therefore be conjured up anywhere. Do you also like to decorate your toenails with gel polish, or don't you want to wait a second longer than necessary for cured nails? Then our salon qualityLavish Bird UV / LED lamp isthe lamp for you. Thanks to the magnetic loose bottom you experience maximum ease of use and with a power of 26 Watts your polishes are dry in a flash. Not sure yet which lamp is the best choice for you? Then contact us! We are happy to help you.