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Frequently asked Questions.

What is gel polish?

Gellak a nail polish with a gel emulsion so that it stays beautiful for 2 weeks. You apply a gel nail polish just like a normal nail polish, but only cure under a UV or LED lamp.

Why does the Gellak remain sticky after curing?

Have you used the correct curing time but the top layer sticks? That may be right.
The last layer

Who is Gellak for?

For anyone who wants beautiful well-groomed nails with a beautiful high gloss for 14 days!

Can you cure Gellak under a UV tube lamp?


Can you fill up a gel polish?


Is gel polish harmful to my nails?

If you apply the gel polish correctly and remove it, it will not harm your nails. Please read the instructions carefully and be kind to your nails.

I have growth ridges in my nails


How do you care for gel polish nails?

You now have beautiful nails with Yinger gel polish, but of course you have to give your nails some love every day.
You do this by greasing the cuticles with the ¬ † Yinger Cuticle Oil

How long does gel polish last?

Have you applied the gel polish correctly?
Then you have beautiful † † 14 days ¬ † beautiful nails with a beautiful shine

How and where do I store my gel polishes?

Watch out with sunlight because the gel polish hardens due to UV radiation, which is also in sunlight but also in daylight. So keep your gel nail polish in, for example, the beautiful Yinger storage box.
This also means that you should not paint your nails in the sun. Your gel polish could become a bit viscous, making it less effective.

How do you apply Gellak?

You apply gel polish just like a normal nail polish, but with a few extra layers. Primer

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

What do SEPA mean

SEPA stands for one Euro payment area (common Euro payment area). This is what the new uniform regulation of national and European payment systems is called. At IBAN (International Bank Account Number

Why was my credit card payment declined?

When payment by credit card is not possible

Where can I find the security code on my credit card?

You will find the three-digit security code on the back of your credit card. At American Express, you will find the four-digit security code on the front of your card.

Can I return to previous steps within the payment process?

Within the payment process, you can go back individual steps at any time. For example, to review your data or change it if necessary.

How is the security of my payment guaranteed?

Thanks to our security software with a server with SSL encryption, your data is protected against unauthorized access and manipulation.

What happens after I have ordered?

After your order you will receive a confirmation email of the order, in addition to the items you have selected

Why do you ask for my date of birth when ordering?

We are happy to offer you the best service. This includes especially the fast and smooth processing of your order. We need your date of birth on the one hand to always be able to distinguish yourself from other customers with the same name

Do I need to create an account to shop?


I can for an order

Unfortunately it is not possible to change your address if you have already completed the order. If you have entered a wrong address

Can I also order from a mobile or tablet

Of course you can also order something from your tablet or smartphone. Visit our shop from your mobile internet browser. The site is automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Can I also order by phone?

Unfortunately it is not possible to place your order by phone with Yinger. Our customer service will gladly help you further

Can I cancel my order if it has not been shipped yet?

We would like to try to cancel your order. If the order has been processed in our system

How much are the delivery costs?

Yinger does not charge delivery costs for orders over 59

How can I view my previous orders?

To view your previous orders, go to At the top right of the menu, click »My Yinger« and log in with your email address and password. After that you will see an overview in which all your previous orders are listed ..

how can I order?

You can also place orders when you have not registered with an account. Click on »data« in the registration form and follow the ordering process.
Ordering at Yinger is very simple: after you have placed the desired items in your shopping cart

How can I be sure that I have placed my order correctly?

To check whether you have placed your order correctly, it is best to view the order confirmation that we send by email. Do you have an account

Do I have a guarantee on my purchases?

For all items that you buy from us

there is a minimum order value

In general, there is no minimum order value at Yinger. It is possible that with certain payment methods you have to have a minimum order value of € 7. With iDEAL you can always pay regardless of the order value.

Is there a maximum order value?

In general, there is no maximum order value at Yinger. The maximum amount of the amount for which you can order

What if I'm not at home?

DHL will deliver to the delivery address within the agreed time block.

Not at home?
If you are not at home, the delivery person will try to deliver to the neighbors. If this does not work, you will receive a note in the mail saying that the delivery person will try again.

Not home again?
If you are not you can collect the shipment from the nearest DHL ServicePoint.

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