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The cold autumn is approaching again, and that means that the beauty trends are going to change a lot. Whereas in the summer you used the brightest colours, in the autumn you tend to opt for darker and warmer colours. This doesn't only apply to your lipstick and eye shadow, as the colours of our nails will also be matched to the season and the corresponding temperatures. To ensure that our nails remain beautiful as long as possible, we now opt for the popular gel polish.

This nail polish is not only available in many different colours, but it also protects the nails from dirt. Besides, gel polish is easy to apply and it stays on the nail for a very long time. This means you do not have to touch up your nails every day. So it is smart to choose for gel polish, but then one question remains: which colours should you choose? In other words, which colours of gel polish should not be missing in our beauty case this fall? We've listed the most popular gel polish sets and colours to make sure your nails are the bomb this fall!


Nature changes its colours in the autumn, and these changes are also reflected in other aspects of life. Think for example of interior styling, fashion and of course make-up choices. And that is not so strange, since nature shows its most beautiful colours in the autumn. These autumn colours are not only very natural in their looks, but they are also very easy to combine with each other. First of all, there is the green colour, which is available in many different shades.

Think for example of olive and emerald green. These green colours are very popular during the autumn because they are not very bright anymore, but still stand out. But nature does not only consist of green colours during the autumn. Brown, orange, neon colours, yellow and red are also very popular colours that you see everywhere. Do you like natural colours on your fingers? Then choose a matt shade of brown. Do you love bright colours, and do you find the earthy colour palette a bit boring? Then choose bright red, orange or yellow ochre. These striking colours are a perfect match for the autumn favourites and are anything but boring.


Metallic colours are often avoided during the summer months, but during the autumn and winter months metallics are one of the most popular gel polish colours. When we talk about metallic colours, we often refer to gold, silver and bronze. These colours have become extremely popular in the beauty industry in recent years. It is therefore not surprising that they are increasingly spotted on nails. Metallic nail polish is a real eye catcher and very suitable to wear in combination with for instance jewellery. The metallic colours are available in both glitter and matt varieties. This means you can choose how striking you want your nails to be.


Are you not a fan of a striking colour on your nails, and do you prefer everything natural? Then choose one of the gel polishes in natural colours. These Nude nail polishes are called this because the colours are as close as possible to skin colours. This means that the nude nail polishes are available in many different shades, from very light pink to dark brown. These subtle colours are very popular throughout the year, but especially in autumn you see them everywhere.

Many people who opt for striking nails in the summer, choose a subtle colour during the cold months. Don't forget that you can also combine nude colours with each other. Do not hesitate to give each finger a different colour. Also fun is the French Manicure. With this type of manicure you first apply a nude colour to your nails, then you apply white lacquer to the top of your nail and finally you apply a nourishing, transparent lacquer to your nails. This three-step plan creates a subtle yet striking look. With the nude gel polish colours on your nails you can be sure that your nails will always look well cared for.

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