to prepare.

  • Make sure your nails have not been wet for at least an hour (for better adhesion).
  • Gently push your cuticles back with the Wonder Wood Stick and remove any flakes.
  • File your nails in the desired shape with the Frisky File.
  • Clean the nail with a Punchy Pad with the Fresh Start Prep & Clean, make the pads really good, preferably the pad 'soak' with cleaner. Grab the sides, cuticle and end of your nail well.
  • Apply a very thin layer of Prime Time Primer to the bottom half of your nail plate and take the 'short' side of your nail with you, let it air dry for 30 seconds.
  • A sticky layer will remain, do not touch this as this will form the basis for the next layer.
  • Make sure that you include the free end of the nail with each subsequent step.

solid base.

  • Apply a very thin layer of All About That Base Coat, keep a minimum distance of 1 millimeter from your cuticles and also take the 'short' side of your nail with you.
  • Cure the polisht for 60 seconds under the LED lamp.
  • After curing, a sticky layer remains, just leave this and do not touch it. This is the basis for the next layer.


  • Apply a very thin layer of the color polish with another millimeter away from your cuticle.
  • Cure this layer for at least 60 seconds under the LED lamp and repeat this step several times until the desired result is there. On average this is 3 layers and with some colors even more. depending on coverage, for an even color.
  • After curing, a sticky layer remains, just leave this and do not touch it. This is the basis for the next layer.

great shine.


Most dreams are deceit. If you close your eyes and see well-painted nails, you almost automatically think of a beautiful nail studio. Not surprising, since nails often look fantastic with a professional manicure.

But you don't have to give up applying gel polish at all. In fact, you can turn it into a personal moment of rest. Or in company, because many hands make light work. But with the same salon quality, which leaves you with beautiful hands. And that also makes your wallet happy.

This manual full of nail polish hacks, tips & tricks can be read at home with the greatest of ease. Curled up on the couch, stretched out on the bed or cross-legged on a rug: it doesn't matter which position you want to work in, as long as you are comfortable. We promise you that you can achieve the same professional gel nails completely your way.

Pour yourself something tasty, put on a nice playlist and get started!


Applying gel polish without getting off the couch, it hardly gets any better. With our gel polish manicure sets you get everything you need to create your own dream nails. Apply your gel polish on your lazy Sunday from your bed, or on a sunny day in the garden. The most important thing is to relax. Our gel polish set for home consists of a LED gel polish curing lamp, a primer, base coat, top coat, cleaning agent, a file, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher, a block with which you polish or roughen your nails, everything you need to remove gel polish and finally the most important: 5 gel polish colors of your choice. Real indulgence.


Preparation is everything. If you want to put your gel nails yourself, it is important that you prepare them for the manicure. Are you still wearing nail polish at the moment? Remove this with nail polish remover, for a clean slate.

Note: never toddler or just pull gel nail polish off your nails! Your nails consist of layers. When you pick or pull off the gel polish, you take a very thin layer of nail with you. With repetitions, your nails will become thinner and more sensitive, which is exactly what we don't want to achieve.


When you get started with your Yinger gel polish starter set, it is important that you are inside. The sun contains UV rays. If you expose your nails to the sun's rays while painting, the paint will unintentionally harden a bit. This makes your layer viscous or hardens the brush of your paint. So stay behind closed doors for an optimal gel session!


Make sure you 'seal' the front of your nails well before applying gel nail polish. Run the paint brush along the front of your nails, taking the outer 'free edge' with you. By applying this action, the polish will last longer and the chance that air gets under your gel polish is smaller. Do this with every layer!

When your nails are neatly 'sealed', it is time to push back your cuticles. Use the Wonder Wood Stick for this and remove any skins.

Are your cuticles neatly finished? File your nails in the desired shape with the Frisky File, lightly roughen your nail plates with the No Bluff Buffer and then clean them with the Fresh Start Prep & Clean and the Punchy Pads. Then apply the Prime Time Primer and let it dry on the smile for 15 seconds.

And voila: your nails are in supreme state of alert, ready for a brand new color.


Do you suffer from dry brittle nails? You may have developed this brittleness because you often sit with your hands in water, such as dishwashing soaps and long shower sessions. In winter, your brittle nails are often due to the heating, which often results in slightly drier nails.

All the more reason to give them a little more attention. With a cuticle oil like the Smooth Operator Cuticle Oil you are assured of healthy nails.

Massage your nails every day with a little bit of oil. You don't have to hold back. You can easily insert an extra massage moment during your break or while watching Netflix. That is also extra relaxing.


Oh so underestimated: the bottom layer of your gel nail polish. The base coat lays the foundation for all subsequent layers and should definitely not be skipped in the process!

Apply a subtle layer of the All About That Base Coat while keeping a minimum distance of 1 mm from your cuticle. Then put your nails under the LED lamp for 15 seconds.

Now it is time to choose your favorite color and move on to the next paint job. With no fewer than ninety colors in the Yinger collection, there is something for everyone. But how do you choose the right one from all colors of gel nail polish? Click here.

Apply a thin layer of your chosen color lacquer and let this layer harden for at least 60 seconds under the LED lamp. Repeat this step twice, depending on the coverage you want, for an even color.

During pregnancy or the use of (hormonal) medication, the paint may not stay in place perfectly. This has to do with your hormone balance and can differ per person. Your nails and hair are sensitive to hormone changes. Keep this in mind when you start painting.


To protect the color of your nails and provide it with a beautiful shine, apply the Love On Top Coat. Then put your hands under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Then remove the sticky layer with the help of the Punchy Pads and some drops of Fresh Start Prep & Clean. One last touch of love: Finally, massage your cuticles with the Smooth Operator Cuticle Oil.

Do you see that you can do it yourself? The proof is your radiant hands, with gel polish that you have applied yourself!


Now your nails are still pristine, but how long will the gel polish last? The gel nail polish from Yinger stays beautiful for at least 14 days.

Always use the Punchy Pads to clean your nails and remove the adhesive layer. The normal cotton pads from the drugstore leave fluff that can stick to your paint. They can also leave bumps. The Punchy Pads do not leave any fluff because they are made of cotton.

Do you get stuck while applying the gel polish? Can't choose a color? Or do you have another burning question? Get in touch and we'll take you under the wing.


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